This week in hindsight

September 2022 has been the worst month since the financial crisis in 2008, measured by the number of bankruptcies. It also does not look promising when it comes to getting apprentices – or students for vocational training. The kingdom lacks both money and manpower, and there is no prospect of an immediate recovery.

On the other hand, things are going great with the tunnel project, housing construction is underway, and there is a prospect of regional integration on both sides of the Fehmarn Belt.

Things have happened in FemernReport’s first week of existence. There has been enough to write about, so we will continue to do that next week.

Have a great weekend when that time comes!

Bernt Hertz Jensen

Bankruptcy wave threatens Danish companies

September was the worst bankruptcy month since the financial crisis. The bankruptcies also affected active companies with employees, and almost 1,250 jobs disappeared in September as a direct result of bankruptcies. The trend is unfortunately clear: We are moving towards more bankruptcies among healthy companies, according to SMVdanmark. 36 per … Læs Mere

Great shortage of apprentices

Setting up Danish apprenticeships at the Femern construction site is going well. For the time being, there are 250 apprentice-years working on the construction site. But it may be difficult to reach the target in relation to the promise of 500 apprenticeships. There is a great shortage of apprentices – and it will only get worse in the future.

The tunnel project is basically on schedule

A little behind with the tunnel gutter, and a little ahead with the element factory. This is the status of the largest construction project in Denmark’s history, according to the technical director of Femern A/S, Jens Ole Kaslund at the Femern Business Conference 2022.

FB-Suppliers is looking at Germany

Cooperation across the Fehmarn Belt is an advantage for both German and Danish companies. And the regional integration extends far beyond 2029, when the tunnel is completed. The network organization FB-Suppliers has already set its sights south.

SICE-Cobra needs at least 25 apprentices

The Spanish consortium responsible for, among other things, electrical and plumbing installations in the Fehmarn tunnel will use “as many Danes as possible”. Including at least 25 apprentices.

New consortium needs 300 electricians and plumbers

Femern Systems Contractors is the new name for the SICE-Cobra joint venture. They will establish base camp in Maribo, and in two years, they will employ 300 electricians and plumbers.

Power outages can cost several millions

If the power to the construction site in Rødbyhavn is cut off without warning for a few hours, it can cost millions in wasted materials and damaged machinery. It is, therefore, crucial that any interruptions are notified in good time so that you can plan accordingly. This is what Hans Kristoffersen, director of CPT A/S, which designs concrete mixing plants for the Fehmarn construction site, tells us.

Tunnel City halfway finished

636 residents have moved into the modular tunnel city, FLC Village. The temporary city within the city in Rødbyhavn will be fully completed in 2024. By then, over 1,300 tunnel workers will be able to live in the city in the middle of the construction site.

500 new modular homes on the way at Lalandia

Adapteo has just started the construction of 500 new, temporary modular homes. They have rented the 45,000 square meter plot from the neighbour, the holiday resort Lalandia. The new homes mark the beginning of Adapteo’s third project in connection with the construction of the Fehmarn tunnel. Construction is expected to be completed in January 2023.

The Danish Road Directorate receives offers from multiple small contractors

The tender documents for small and medium-sized contractors have been reduced to a minimum. This has made it easier for even smaller suppliers to bid on the Danish Road Directorate’s construction tasks.

Valuable knowledge from trial casting

The first full-scale trial casting of a tunnel segment has provided FLC with valuable insight into concrete mixing, manufacturing, and transport temperatures. Furthermore, important lessons have been learned regarding the handovers between the various concrete crews at the element factory, says Femern A/S.