The workforce bomb is ticking

It is difficult to obtain skilled workers for the construction. And in a little while it will be completely impossible. Lolland is one of the places where it’s looking the worst. The projections look bleak, and Lolland will be completely drained for labour, even before the island is tunnelled with Fehmarn.

However, the robots are ready – both to build houses and tunnels. Automation – also in construction – can be the way forward. Robots and 3D printers do not have to learn languages and integrate culturally – and they do what they are told.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Lolland will run out of labour before the tunnel is finished

Lolland Municipality is among the municipalities that can look forward to the biggest problem with recruiting labour in just eight years, shows a new analysis from Dansk Erhverv.

Six meter tunnel built by robots

HyperTunnel has constructed the world’s first underground structure built entirely by robots. It is both faster and cheaper than manual construction – and reduces the risk of personal injury during the construction and maintenance of tunnels. FLC company has invested in the technology.

3D printing with concrete attracts customers and investors

In September, Europe’s first 3D-printed office building opened its doors. The technology behind it comes from Danish Cobod International. Now the Swiss Holcim has stepped in as an investor in the company.

Femern Lab conducts a network meeting on digitalisation

The new laboratory in the Knowledge and Learning Center in Rødbyhavn opens the doors to Femern Lab for interested companies. The theme for the network day will be “Document reality on land, at sea, and in the air”.