The hunt for skilled labour

The hunt for skilled workers has begun, and so has the search for the 500 apprentices, the Fehmarn construction has committed to employing. The young people do not bother with vocational training, so now the business community is looking for alternatives.

The unemployed and companies have opened their eyes to the adult apprenticeship scheme. Forward-thinking companies such as Give Steel try new ways, and among other things arrange meetings after hours in prisons.

From central and political hold, nothing much happens. Everyone agrees that someone should do something. But there are no votes or money in it in the short term, so no one is doing anything about the problem.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Give Steel takes the lead in the apprentice battle

If companies want qualified, skilled labour in the future, then they themselves must take responsibility. This is the message from Give Steel, which produces steel trusses and frames for the Fehmarn construction site. And they use unconventional means.

Adults want to be apprentices

4,330 adults started an apprenticeship in the first half of this year. This is almost a doubling in two years. The requirement of six months prior unemployment has been reduced to three months, and it seems to have had an effect, says Employment Minister Peter Hummelgaard.

Self-service is taken seriously at the FLC Village

The temporary city on the construction site – FLC Village – has got its own grocery store. It is, however, without a grocer, as the store is 100 percent self-service. For the time being, it is an experiment. Still, Dagrofa is ready to roll out further if the experiment goes well.

German investors have their eyes on the Fehmarn region

The Femernbyggeriet is an eye-opener for German real estate investors. Fehmarn Belt Development, Erhvervshus Sjælland and Business Lolland-Falster jointly went to the investor fair in Munich, and they experienced great interest in investing in the Fehmarn region.

Businesspark in Maribo is ready for the next phase

The business park in Maribo, a newly built business area at the E47 motorway’s Maribo exit, expects to have sold the first 111,000 square meters by the end of the year.

Stark experiences increasing sales at the construction site

The construction chain Stark has certainly not regretted the opening of its Fehmarn store last year. Revenue is increasing as the Fehmarn project develops. Wooden products in particular are in high demand.