The Fehmarn project moves Lolland

The coastline has been moved 300 meters to the south at the construction site in Rødbyhavn. And the largest construction project in Denmark’s history is moving Lolland from a preoccupied fringe to an infrastructural hub. Hotel construction in Rødbyhavn is already in full swing today, and there is more to come. The Bach Group’s plans for a large hotel and office complex on the harbour quay show that the future is bright. If there is anything to build it out of, that is. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has now met the raw materials industry by taking on part of the hassle that comes with applying for offshore extraction permits, so things are lighting up on that front as well.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Hotel and office project in Rødbyhavn sent to public hearing

Lolland Municipality is now submitting a new local plan for consultation to give Bach Gruppen the opportunity to build a large hotel and office project on Vestre Kaj in Rødbyhavn.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency meets the raw materials industry

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency will now take care of the seismic mapping itself in connection with extraction permits. The board encourages applications to be submitted continuously instead of waiting until the permits expire in 2025.

FBC has excavated nine million cubic meters of tunnel channel

70 per cent of the excavation work for the tunnel channel is over. Four million cubic meters of seabed remain to be excavated. And this is “the difficult part”.

NINA ensures work safety offshore

Calculated as of October 2022, FBC (Fehmarn Belt Contractors) has worked for 2.3 million man-hours without any serious work accidents. During the entire construction project so far, there has only been one. The FBC categorizes a serious occupational accident as an incident that renders the employee unable to work for 24 hours or more after … Læs Mere