The Fehmarn Belt region is rising

Lolland has grown bigger. The coastline has moved 500 meters further out into the Baltic Sea, and the old dyke is now a bump in the road to be be passed on the way out into the newly reclaimed land.

Rødby has also grown bigger. The old market and ferry town used to have around 2,000 inhabitants. Now over 600 new residents have already moved into the temporary tunnel city on the construction site, and there are just as many on the way. And further inland, another 500 temporary homes are going up. This is growth in the real world.

Germany is moving closer to Denmark, and the Fehmarn Tunnel will tie a whole new region together. Therefore, Danish and German companies must already now reach out to each other, enter into partnerships and create new permanent connections. This is where the future growth must come from. And the future is already happening.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Tunnel City halfway finished

636 residents have moved into the modular tunnel city, FLC Village. The temporary city within the city in Rødbyhavn will be fully completed in 2024. By then, over 1,300 tunnel workers will be able to live in the city in the middle of the construction site.

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