Thanks for this year

FemernReport was lauched on the first of October this year. In our first three months of existence, two tender winners have been named, an old deep-water bomb near the tunnel trench has been blown up, a full-scale tunnel segment has been trial cast, the working port in Rødbyhavn has been completed and handed over and the element factory is almost ready to start casting. The construction site is largely finished, and the tunnel trench is more than 70 percent dug.

In 2023, work will begin on constructing and casting the world’s longest immersed tunnel, casting the tunnel portal and constructing the transformer station. And then we await the decision on the last major tender – namely the TTC contact on the railway part of the Fehmarn connection.

We look forward to continuing to follow the work, and we look forward to you following along. We will be back on January 2nd.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bernt Hertz Jensen

Wild year for equipment rental in Rødby

GSV has had almost everything running this year. It has been especially the very large machines that have been bid for by the Fehmarn construction site. From next year, demand is expected to be especially for large lifts.

Four million tonnes of Norwegian stone on their way to the element factory

The Norwegian Mibau Stema Group is to supply four million tonnes of aggregates to the Femernbyggeriet. This means more than 150 sailings between the quarry and the working port.

The Fehmarn tunnel needs 100,000 mWh per year

The Fehmarn tunnel will be stuffed with the most modern and energy-efficient technology. Still, it will use as much electricity as a medium-sized Danish provincial town.

Pressure gauge halves the casting time for concrete

The casting pressure gauge ISC (InSite Construction) can halve the casting time and make the process simpler. Among other things, Peri has sold the meter to the Fehmarn project.

New cement emits 20 per cent less CO2

Aalborg Portland launches CO2-reduced cement targeted at large infrastructure projects. The new Aalborg Solid is also approved for use in so-called aggressive environments.

19 celebrate Christmas in the tunnel city

708 Poles go home for Christmas holidays and only 19 Thais remain in FLC Village over Christmas and New Year.

Exhibition center attracted over 37,000 visitors

Femern A/S’ exhibition center at Rødbyhavn has developed into a regular tourist attraction. But the state-owned building company will not capitalize on the many guests.

DI forecast predicts a weakly increasing construction market in 2023

There is not much good news in the forecast for activity in the construction industry in 2023 from DI-Byggeri. However, the construction industry can probably just about survive it.

Green energy for the Fehmarn project

Femern Belt Energy has become a major supplier of heat pumps for homes for the tunnel workers.

New campaign to lure young people to the steel

In 2030, there will be a shortage of up to 1,900 skilled workers in the blacksmith trade alone, if the political objective of 70 per cent. reduction of CO2 emissions must be realized. A new campaign must remedy that.

Fehmarn construction site is making good money at Aarsleff

In the most recent financial year, turnover increased by almost 24 per cent at Denmark’s largest contractor group. The work on the Fehmarn project is helping to pull up a turbulent time for the industry.