Spanish connection

Spanish Elecnor has won the contract for building the transformer station that will supply the Fehmarn connection with electricity. Thus, the lines of communication should be open and clear, as the FTC consortium (SICE-Cobra), which will be responsible for the technical installations in the tunnel, is also Spanish. And they already know each other. A little too well, in fact, if you ask the Spanish competition authority, CNMC. They have a pending cartel case, involving both Cobra and Elecnor, on its way to court.

In the meantime, the EU Commission wants to abolish the Danish RUT register, which is supposed to prevent social dumping on the labour market. But that is not going to happen, according to 3F.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Elecnor to build a €41 million transformer station

The contract to build a transformer station to supply the Fehmarn tunnel with electricity has gone to Spanish Elecnor. The Spanish company is involved in the same Spanish cartel case as Cobra, which is part of the consortium that will be responsible for the tunnel’s technical installations.

The EU Commission takes distance from social dumping-register

The EU Commission is again in the process of ending the Danish register against social dumping, the RUT register. The government rejects the commission’s demands.

15 graduate students had to stay outside the fence

A group of students from DTU had to go home from the residential college at the Fehmarn construction site without having been inside the construction site. They could not get permission to enter.

Danish Steel Award 2022 to Give Steel

Give Steel has delivered 322 tons of steel to the Isfjord center in Ilulissat. The building has now been awarded the Danish Steel Award 2022.