Small buck – small bang

The further into the future a large infrastructure facility is to operate, the more investment must be made. But the logic of the tenders on the Fehmarn connection is that cheaper always works better, because (low) price is weighted with 70 percent in the assessment of the tenders.

In the current TPS tender, the Danish state has saved a good eight percent by choosing the cheapest offer. On the other hand, it costs nine percent of the lifetime, and the cheaper solution also uses more power. Measured over the lifetime of the substation, the cheapest offer is therefore the most expensive. And that’s without even mentioning sustainability.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Elecnor’s winning bid was slightly cheaper but no better

Spanish Elecnor won the contract to build the transformer station for the Fehmarntunnel with an offer of almost 41 million euros. The competitor, Siemens-Aarsleff, offered just under 45 million – but scored higher on quality.

End of tap water for the element factory after the tunnel project

Groundwater reserves on Lolland are under such pressure that preservation of the element factory requires that it can produce with gray water. Lolland Municipality writes this in a consultation response.

Fehmarn workers must be careful in the cold

Femern A/S has launched a campaign to remind the tunnel workers to take care of themselves in the winter cold.

FLC orders steel from Funen for millions

Ib Andresen Industri has entered into a historically large agreement for the processing, welding and delivery of steel for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. The order represents a value of a huge price tag of millions of euros.