Railway tender with no competition

The last 30 kilometres of the Ringsted-Fehmarn railway will be upgraded to double track, and a new station will be built at Holeby. BaneDanmark put the task out to tender with an estimated price of 70 million Euros. But there was only one offer from the major contractor M.J. Eriksson, and the price ended up being almost 120 million Euros.

Water is needed for concrete production. A lot of concrete is needed for the Fehmarn tunnel. Tap water from the waterworks is not an unlimited resource, and therefore “grey” water – i.e. purified waste water or rainwater – is an obvious and sustainable alternative.

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M. J. Eriksson only bidder on contract worth 120 million euros

M. J. Eriksson was the only bidder when BaneDanmark put the last part of the construction contract on the new Ringsted-Femern railway out to tender in 2021. Eriksson got the contract with an offer of just under 120 million euros.

Lolland Municipality is hoping for gray water for the element factory

Lolland Municipality hopes that Femern A/S will be able to use “grey water” for the concrete production for the tunnel elements. The alternative is to use over half a million cubic meters of drinking water for the tunnel.

Pottery shards from Fehmarn excavation tells about Stone Age diet

International researchers have scraped burnt food remains from potsherds from the Fehmarn excavation.

Fehmarn people also want to live in vacation homes

Dancenter has just moved into new offices in Rødby. They experience demand for holiday homes where employees of the Fehmarn project can live.

While we wait for Fehmarn assignments

There is still a long way to go before the Fehmarn connection is ready, and many suppliers are lining up to join the project, including the provider of technical insulation and scaffolding solutions, Norisol A/S.