On track

The Tunnel, Track and Catenary (TTC) contract on the railroad portion of the Fehmarn tunnel is to be put out to tender in spring next year. Femern A/S has asked potential bidders to prepare for the prequalification.

Hopefully, the developer will have a little more choice than they had in the tender for the substation, where only two bidders remained after a Bravida-led consortium pulled out. That contract ended with Spanish Elecnor, which is involved in the same Spanish cartel case as Grupo Cobra, which will be responsible for the technical installations in the tunnel.

On the construction site, FLC is in full swing constructing a gigantic floating gate in concrete that will let water in and out of the basin in front of the element factory.

Everything is on track. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading.

Bernt Hertz Jensen

Elecnor to build a €41 million transformer station

The contract to build a transformer station to supply the Fehmarn tunnel with electricity has gone to Spanish Elecnor. The Spanish company is involved in the same Spanish cartel case as Cobra, which is part of the consortium that will be responsible for the tunnel’s technical installations.

Last big Fehmarn tender put on rails

During the spring of 2023, the last major Fehmarn contract will be put out to tender. The TTC (Tunnel, Track and Catenary) railway contract for around 200 million euros .

Casting a floating gate of 20.000 cubic meters

A floating gate of 50 by 19 by 21 meters must let water in and out of the basin to the working port. Work on casting the huge concrete gate is in full swing.

The EU Commission takes distance from social dumping-register

The EU Commission is again in the process of ending the Danish register against social dumping, the RUT register. The government rejects the commission’s demands.

Danish Steel Award 2022 to Give Steel

Give Steel has delivered 322 tons of steel to the Isfjord center in Ilulissat. The building has now been awarded the Danish Steel Award 2022.

The road sector sticks to zero CO2 in 2050

The international road sector has issued a joint statement at the climate summit COP27 in Egypt. The declaration gives full support to the goal of a CO2-neutral road sector in 2050.

The Fehmarn construction site is being prepared for winter

The first snow and frost almost always come as a surprise. But not on the Fehmarn construction site. The contractors are busy preparing the construction site for winter.

15 graduate students had to stay outside the fence

A group of students from DTU had to go home from the residential college at the Fehmarn construction site without having been inside the construction site. They could not get permission to enter.

Fehmarn construction provides wind in the sails for staff leasing

The first financial year with full activity at the Fehmarn construction site has yielded over 310,000 euros in profit for Euroworkers.

Tourists want to see the Fehmarn construction site

Visit Lolland-Falster has hired Lindy Kjøller as new tourism manager, and sees great potential for developing experiences where the Fehmarn construction is included.