Nothing comes from nothing

The Fehmarn project will move around DKK 60 billion. Therefore, hopeful, potential suppliers and sub-suppliers flock around the contractor consortia like seagulls around a ploughing tractor. An influx of companies have settled in more or less temporary branches in and around Rødbyhavn in the hope of getting a piece of the pie.

FemernReport has also got an office in Rødbyhavn, and we look forward to closely following the creation of the tunnel from the office hotel in the middle of the ferry port and the construction site.

But it’s not enough just to be there. It requires preparation, (intense) legwork and lots of cold canvassing. This is shown by both Mibau Stema’s and Europcar’s examples.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Fehmarn contract required 10 years of preparation

The raw materials group Mibau Stema Group has done a huge amount of preparatory work prior to the awarding of the contract for the supply of four million tonnes of shards for the tunnel elements.

Largest ship to date docks at the working port

The 166 meter long cargo ship Splittnes delivers the first granite chips for the concrete elements.

Deutsche Bahn is to build its own element factory for the Femernsund tunnel

The elements for the submerged tunnel under the Femern Sound are to be built in Großenbrode in Northern Germany. The water in Femernsund is too low to sail the elements in from the element factory in Rødbyhavn.

Europcar aims to rent out 200 cars for Fehmarn-builders in 2023

Europcar has successfully managed to satisfy the need for transport and mobility in connection with the Fehmarn project and expects increasing activity this year. But it took 191 unsuccessful calls.

Anticipating growth in temporary storage solutions

Boxit Container A/S takes a positive view of the industry for renting storage solutions.

Fehmarn tunnel is going to purchase 5G network

In Germany, companies can set up their own license-free network with the new 5G mobile technology. You can’t do that in Denmark, and it can cause challenges in a tunnel that connects the two countries.

Old inn full of Fehmarn people

At Holeby Kro, the rooms are rented out to employees of the Femern project under the name Femern Business House, and this has been very successful.

It ends with a low-energy model

First the district heating obligation got in the way, and then the building permits got in the way. But now Adapteo’s new camp for 500 Fehmarn employees is on track. And it will be Denmark’s largest low-energy camp.

Bus company expects less Fehmarn activity

Less bus traffic will be needed for the Fehmarn project, is the expectation from Skørringe Turistbusser (Tourist Busses).

Headhunters on the hunt for engineers

Over the past 12 months, more than seven out of ten engineers in the contracting or construction industry have experienced being contacted with a good offer from a headhunter.

2023 will be the wildest year for the construction

2022 has become 2023, and Femern A/S is starting a new year in the project plan.