Mind the money

The crisis has begun to dent the construction industry. Never have there been as many bankruptcies as in November this year, and never has the overdrafts of Danish companies been influenced so much.

Money does not come free anymore, so the focus must be on cash flow and liquidity rather than growth and profitability. Companies and contractors must take on tasks to make money – not to keep employees busy.

It is due diligence to trim the organization to the actual proportions. The labour market is still unusually hot, and the employees who are made redundant in one place will probably be picked up elsewhere.

Thanks for your attention and thanks for reading along.

Bernt Hertz Jensen

Fehmarn appeal in court in Leipzig

A complaint brought by the nature protection organization Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) and the association Aktionsbündnis gegen eine feste Fehmarnbeltquerung comes to court today at the German Federal Administrative Court.

Companies must be careful with the overdraft

The companies are drawing on the overdraft like never before – for example for intermediate financing. But it is a dangerous course, warns SMVdanmark, which instead suggests dismissing staff for whom there are no tasks.

Denmark’s largest CO2 emitter will capture CO2

Aalborg Portland will capture CO2 from cement-manufacturing. The test-plant can capture one ton CO2 daily.

Local sales of tools and welding equipment provide growth

KS Værktøj A/S is experiencing increasing demand for everything from welding equipment to lubricating oils for the Fehmarn project. Especially because of the local presence.