The Danish state holding company Sund & Bælt is moving at full speed. But once in a while you have to stop and check that you have everyone with you. Sund & Bælt forgot that when the holding company sent an advisory task for DKK 80 million for a fixed connection over the Kattegat to tender. Sund & Bælt did not have a mandate to proceed with the investigations. Sund & Bælt then had to withdraw the tender before the lawyers at the advisers had even had time to read the tender material inside. Back and forth are equal distances.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Sund & Bælt withdraws the Kattegat tender

On Monday morning, Politiken could reveal that the state-owned holding company Sund & Bælt had sent consultancy work to prepare a fixed connection over the Kattegat to tender – directly against the political decision not to. On Wednesday, Sund & Bælt then announced that they were withdrawing the tender. Time for a debateHowever, the tender … Læs Mere

The Kattegat connection lingers in Sund & Bælt

Sund & Bælt has put out a tender for advice on a fixed connection across the Kattegat – without informing the Minister of Transport, writes Politiken.dk.

Germany must have its eyes open for Fehmarn integration

Hansebelt will use the Fehmarn project as leverage for more regional cooperation across the Fehmarn Belt. However, a seasoned Germany connoisseur believes that it will take some time.

Sustainable concrete calls for a conference

The Sustainable Concrete initiative is working to ensure that concrete construction’s CO2 is halved by 2030. In November, the initiative will conduct its second conference, where the status of the target will be assessed.