Infrastructure for green transition

The Fehmarn tunnel will create a super corridor between Hamburg and Oslo. Road freight transport will thus have a new shortcut skipping and Jutland and Funen – and without an expensive and slow ferry. But the transport of goods by road is one of the main culprits when it comes to CO2 emissions.

If we really want to have a green transition, it requires that we can get trucks and buses to use other forms of energy than diesel. The hydrogen trucks are already on the market, but it can be a matter of finding a filling station with hydrogen on the stand. The STRING collaboration will now do something about that.

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Hydrogen corridor from Hamburg to Oslo

A fixed connection between Fehmarn and Lolland will increase truck traffic in the corridor from Hamburg to Oslo. The many trucks must run on hydrogen, and work is now being started to get hydrogen filling stations on the map.

Students investigate: How does the construction affect Rødbyhavn?

16 students from Roskilde University are moving to Lolland to investigate, what effects mega-construction sites have on a small community.

New transport spokesperson will have more focus on quality

Enhedslist’s new transport spokesperson will place more emphasis on quality and less on price when the state offers large contracts.

Italy’s new government reconsiders giant bridge to Sicily

Italy’s government is considering reviving plans to build a five-kilometer bridge to Sicily. The bridge will have a span of 3.3 kilometres.