Grey skies and grey water

It’s November and the sky is grey. Lolland municipality is hoping that the water in the concrete used for the tunnel construction has the same colour, and a leading concrete expert approves of the idea.

It is also sort of grey in regards to the business in the self-service and merchant-less grocery container with the in FLC-village, and Bach Gruppen’s upcoming high-rise hotel in Rødby has received a somewhat lukewarm local reception.

On the other hand, things are going great for the building and construction, as only one contractor had the capacity to bid on the last stage of the Ringsted-Fehmarn railroad.

And that’s how this November week went. Thanks for the attention and space in the inbox. Have a good weekend

Bernt Hertz Jensen

M. J. Eriksson only bidder on contract worth 120 million euros

M. J. Eriksson was the only bidder when BaneDanmark put the last part of the construction contract on the new Ringsted-Femern railway out to tender in 2021. Eriksson got the contract with an offer of just under 120 million euros.

Overheated construction industry cause of sluggish railway tender bids

The high level of activity in the construction industry was the reason why BaneDanmark received only one offer for the last stage of the Ringsted-Femern railway. Everything is run by the book, says BaneDanmark.

Lolland Municipality is hoping for grey water for the element factory

Lolland Municipality hopes that Femern A/S will be able to use “grey water” for the concrete production for the tunnel elements. The alternative is to use over half a million cubic meters of drinking water for the tunnel.

Concrete expert gives green light for grey water in the concrete

Purified waste water, rainwater and water from drainage – also called “grey water” – can be used for concrete production. This is stated by Bent Grelk, who is one of Denmark’s most qualified concrete technologists.

Pottery shards from Fehmarn excavation tells about Stone Age diet

International researchers have scraped burnt food remains from potsherds from the Fehmarn excavation.

More people are moving into office hotel

The opportunity to network attracts companies to Adapteo’s office hotel in Rødbyhavn.

Slow start for self-service grocery container

It is progressing day by day, but there is still a long way to go before the self-service grocery store in FLC Village is a really good business. However, the owner is in good spirits and feels well-received.

Lukewarm local reception of the Bach hotel

Bach Gruppen and Lolland Municipality presented the 41 meter high hotel on Wednesday, which will be built on the quay in Rødbyhavn. It did not fall into unconditionally good soil.

Fehmarn people also want to live in vacation homes

Dancenter has just moved into new offices in Rødby. They experience demand for holiday homes where employees of the Fehmarn project can live.

ITA announces nominees for Tunneling Awards 2022

The International Tunneling and Underground Association (ITA) will present this year’s Tunneling Awards at an online event in December. The nominees for this year’s awards have just been announced.