Easy on the energy

When Elecnor starts building the new transformer station in Rødbyhavn next year, the focus must be on energy efficiency. Green objectives have been an integral part of all Fehmarn tenders, because the construction obviously has to live up to the Danish and European climate targets and ambitions for carbon cuts. Today, however, there is an extra good reason for ambitious investments in energy optimization – namely the price. With a consumption of up to 100,000 mWh per year, there is seriously a lot of money at stake with the current electricity prices, and nobody knows what the future holds. But it will be expensive.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

The Fehmarn tunnel needs 100,000 mWh per year

The Fehmarn tunnel will be stuffed with the most modern and energy-efficient technology. Still, it will use as much electricity as a medium-sized Danish provincial town.

Green energy for the Fehmarn project

Femern Belt Energy has become a major supplier of heat pumps for homes for the tunnel workers.

Pressure gauge halves the casting time for concrete

The casting pressure gauge ISC (InSite Construction) can halve the casting time and make the process simpler. Among other things, Peri has sold the meter to the Fehmarn project.

Fehmarn construction site is making good money at Aarsleff

In the most recent financial year, turnover increased by almost 24 per cent at Denmark’s largest contractor group. The work on the Fehmarn project is helping to pull up a turbulent time for the industry.