Construction time again

The Federal German Administrative Court yesterday rejected a complaint filed by two environmental organizations. The court ruled that Femern A/S has compensated sufficiently for excavating tunnel channels close to some protected rock reefs in the Fehmarn Belt. Thus, the final legal term for the Fehmarn Tunnel has been set, and Femern A/S can concentrate on building the world’s longest submersible tunnel.

Politically, there is also a prospect of calmness – or at least hands on the wheel. After 42 days of negotiations, Denmark has got a new government. It will be the relatively nondescript Thomas Danielsen from the Left, who will become transport minister and thus responsible for the Fehmarn project.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

German Federal Court rejects Fehmarn complaints

The German Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig rejected late on Wednesday that a new environmental impact assessment of the Fehmarn Tunnel must be carried out. Thus, the case is closed

Great interest in Fehmarn growth project

90 companies have received help and sparring to get business out of the Fehmarn project. The program runs until the end of the year, and registration is still open.

Maturix supplies measuring equipment worth millions to Fehmarn

The Danish tech company Maturix has just won the contract for advanced measuring equipment that can monitor the concrete’s hardening process. The system is to be used for both tunnel portal and elements.

International school provides foreign labour

Lolland International School is an important driver for both labour recruitment and settlement in Lolland. The inspector dreams of 200 pupils against the 100 today – and the municipality supports it.