Bombs in Sound & Belt

A bomb from the Second World War was defused in the Fehmarnbelt on Monday by a controlled explosion. Sund & Bælt had no way near as much control over the bomb they dropped when they launched a tender for a Kattegat connection, which has no political support. With the same elegance and grace as a cheap fridge, Sund & Bælt had to withdraw the tender because it had sparked a “debate”.

From 2023, sustainability will be required in the building regulations. This has gotten the concrete industry on its feet, and now Bæredygtig Beton is going full speed ahead.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Controlled detonation went according to plan

An unexploded bomb from the Second World War was detonated near the tunnel chute on Monday afternoon. See the video here.

Sund & Bælt withdraws the Kattegat tender

On Monday morning, Politiken could reveal that the state-owned holding company Sund & Bælt had sent consultancy work to prepare a fixed connection over the Kattegat to tender – directly against the political decision not to. On Wednesday, Sund & Bælt then announced that they were withdrawing the tender. Time for a debateHowever, the tender … Læs Mere

Copenhagen Capacity is expanding in southern Zealand

Copenhagen Capacity is expanding with a permanent employee in southern Zealand, who will help to obtain skilled workers.

Sustainable concrete calls for a conference

The Sustainable Concrete initiative is working to ensure that concrete construction’s CO2 is halved by 2030. In November, the initiative will conduct its second conference, where the status of the target will be assessed.

Golden age for the property market on Lolland

High inflation and general economic uncertainty also leave their mark on the real estate business’s expectations for the future. The total return must cover inflation, financing costs, and property investment risk. The expectations for the total return for 2022 now fall to 4.5 per cent, which is the lowest level expected for 2022 in three … Læs Mere

Excavations provide new knowledge about the Stone Age

10 years of archaeological investigations in connection with the construction work have provided valuable knowledge about life in the Stone Age and formed the basis for the creation of the Stone Age girl Lola.

Germany must have its eyes open for Fehmarn integration

Hansebelt will use the Fehmarn project as leverage for more regional cooperation across the Fehmarn Belt. However, a seasoned Germany connoisseur believes that it will take some time.

Now 3D printer drones are coming to construction

Bees and wasps are the inspiration for a swarm of collaborative and 3D printing drones. The flying robots collaborate to print 3D items to build or repair structures from the air.

Obligation for district heating on 500 temporary homes frustrates

Adapteo, which is building 500 temporary modular homes for tunnel workers in Rødbyhavn, cannot immediately obtain a dispensation from the local plan’s requirement for connection to district heating.