Blue water and giant steel constructions

It will be the Danish shipping giant, Blue Water Shipping, that will be responsible for the operation of the working ports on Fehmarn and Lolland, respectively, during the construction of the Fehmarn Tunnel. The port in Rødby was put into use this summer, and next year the first ships with deliveries for the construction can call into the port at Puttgarden.

Brande is about as far from the nearest harbour as you can get in Denmark. Therefore, an unusually long truck was needed to deliver the last more than 27-metre-long load-bearing steel column to the element factory, which arrived on Tuesday.

In the meantime, construction is proceeding largely according to plan – at a net price of €15.5 million per day.

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Blue Water will operate working ports for the Fehmarn project

FLC and Blue Water enter into a contract for the operation of newly established working ports for the tunnel construction.

Fehmarn construction costs two million Euros per day

In the first nine months of 2022, Femern A/S has had project expenses totaling 565 million euros. This appears from the quarterly report from Sund & Bælt. Inflation and interest rate increases have more than doubled the state holding company’s financing costs compared to the same period last year.

Last main pillar for element factory erected

The tunnel element factory is starting to take shape. On Tuesday, the last main column was delivered from Give Steel and erected on the construction site in Rødbyhavn.

Correction: Femern A/S and Sund & Bælt confused in newsletter

It is the state holding company Sund & Bælt, which owns Femern A/S, that has experienced a sharp increase in financing costs. Not Femern A/S.

YouTube video can attract labor

A new YouTube documentary about the Fehmarn connection, which has gained millions of views in a few days, could potentially help recruit labour.

Light asphalt can save energy in tunnels

The contractor group NCC has just laid 800 tonnes of light asphalt in a bicycle and pedestrian tunnel in Bergen, Norway. The bright road surface can save electricity for lighting and provide a better experience when passing through it.

Hansebelt is gearing up and wants to recruit Danish members

The North German business association, Hansebelt e.V., raises the minimum quota and prepares to expand north.

Schleswig-Holstein is hiring a construction coordinator

The North German state of Schleswig-Holstein has employed a coordinator who will ensure better communication about the many large construction projects that are derived from the Fehmarn construction.

Ready to deliver technical water on a grand scale

It is entirely technically possible to turn waste water into clean water that can be used for both concrete production, drinking water and Power to X. The company Nordphos has already tested the technology and is ready to deliver.

Apprentices from all over Denmark flock to Fehmarn construction site

The Fehmarn project attracts apprentices from all over Denmark. The majority of the apprentices on the largest infrastructure project in Danish history are so far from the local area.

Surprisingly great interest in the construction

At the developer Femern A/S, they are pleasantly surprised by how many citizens and tourists show interest in the Femern project.