Badaboom in the belt

A WWII depth charge was detonated at the tunnel chute, everything went according to plan. Neither ship traffic nor wildlife was harmed.

The candidates for the general election gather around Europe’s largest construction site to get good photos. On the other hand, they are not in a hurry to say what they want to do about the lack of skilled workers.

Meanwhile, the crises are spreading – just not for the property market on the South Sea Islands. Here there are not many vacant housing and office leases.

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Bernt Hertz Jensen

Controlled detonation went according to plan

An unexploded bomb from the Second World War was detonated near the tunnel chute on Monday afternoon. See the video here.

Fehmarn construction site is a big draw in the election campaign

Politicians gather around the Fehmarn construction site. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister have been there, and Pia Kjærsgaard is on her way. Large machines produce good images.

Lack of skilled workers not talked about enough in the election campaign

If Denmark is to be able to fulfil its green ambitions, we will lack thousands of skilled workers. The election campaign should be much more about that. This is what Danish Industry and Danish Metal say in a joint call for change.

Golden age for the property market on Lolland

High inflation and general economic uncertainty also leave their mark on the real estate business’s expectations for the future. The total return must cover inflation, financing costs, and property investment risk. The expectations for the total return for 2022 now fall to 4.5 per cent, which is the lowest level expected for 2022 in three … Læs Mere