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The ballad about the hinterland connection

Work on the Fehmarn Belt tunnel is progressing according to plan. Element production is underway at the tunnel factory and the basins for shipping the finished elements are being filled up. But as soon as you get outside Femern A/S’s area of responsibility on Fehmarn and in Ostholstein, it’s so-so with the momentum. You can … Read more

On slab tracks under the Fehmarn Belt

The ballast layer of gravel and stone under the railway sleepers will not be seen in the railway pipes in the Fehmarn Tunnel. Femern A/S has ordered 25 kilometers of slab tracks in the tender for the TTC contract for rail through the tunnel. The technique is more precise and requires far less maintenance than … Read more

Mistakes make the Fehmarn project better

“A burnt child smells bad”, reads a cheeky paraphrase of an old Danish proverb. If you have burned yourself once, you are less likely to stick your fingers in the flame in the future. However, if the first person to burn himself can tell his comrades what went wrong and what the consequences were, then … Read more

Foreign labor requires something to relocate to

Employment and the economy are doing well. So good that Denmark’s Prime Minister has announced that we have enough money – what we lack is manpower. In order to ensure that tunnel construction gets the hands and heads that are needed, the employers have therefore set their sights on foreign countries. However, an engineer from … Read more

Fehmarn case can clarify the immigration law

The Attorney General has received the Procesvillingsnævnet’s permission to appeal the acquittal of 28 Russian sailors who were arrested in Rødbyhavn in March 2021 and deported by Denmark for working without a work permit. The Aliens Act is simply not precise enough in its definition of when you actually work in Denmark, when the work … Read more

Case about Russian sailors at Fehmarn work ready for the Supreme Court

Case about Russian sailors at Fehmarn work ready for the Supreme Court The Procedural Licensing Board has given permission for the Attorney General to appeal the acquittal of 28 Russian sailors who were accused of violating the Aliens Act when they worked for FBC in 2020 and 2021. The case is of great principle importance. … Read more

Mega infrastructure has export potential

Finland’s ambassador to Denmark stopped by the Fehmarn project on Monday to get a glimpse of what Northern Europe’s largest infrastructure project is really all about. In Finland, two possible mega-projects in the form of fixed connections to Estonia and Sweden are currently being debated. Both projects involve connecting two points over water. And both … Read more

Danish companies ran with the Fehmarn deliveries

477 out of 671 suppliers or sub-suppliers for the Fehmarn project are Danish, and one in four of the Danish companies is from Lolland-Falster. The figures are from Business Lolland-Falster, and they document that infrastructure construction has a positive effect on the economy in the area where construction work takes place. Now, however, the Fehmarn … Read more