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Mind the hygiene factors

The German railway network is over 30,000 kilometers long. And it’s old. When the Fehmarn tunnel opens, it must be expected that train traffic will also increase significantly. There is a pronounced political desire to get as much freight traffic as possible off the country roads and motorways and onto rails – both for the … Read more

Last major tender out

With the tender for the DKK 1.5 billion TTC contract, all major contracts on the Fehmarntunnel have now been put out to tender. And just as has been the case with the other large contracts, it is more than likely that a large part of the task will have to be carried out by foreign … Read more

It’s really happening

Now something is really happening both at the Fehmarn project itself and around. The module builder Adapteo is working hard to complete the FLC village, so that the temporary village is ready for the final move in this summer. 15 kilometers from the construction site, there is also heavy traffic on it. Maribo business park … Read more

This is not the time for waste

Ten percent of the materials on Danish construction projects are wasted. It may appear somewhat abstract, but think for a moment if you converted it to the Fehmarn project: Then, for example, 300,000 cubic meters of concrete would be produced, which would not be used for anything. That’s a lot of concrete – and a … Read more

On the edge of the beginning

When you visit the construction sites in Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden today and compare with how it looked in 2021, it is obvious that something big is going on and that it is going fast. But we have only just seen the beginning. The work that has been going on until now has for the most … Read more

Stupidity without borders

The Fehmarn tunnel is an integration project. It is about bringing nations, people and business together and making it easier to be both a citizen and a business operator in Europe. The “temporary” border control – which is now in its seventh year(!) – is a reminiscence from the time when we built walls. As … Read more

Use the concrete again

Roughly two million cubic meters of aggregate in the form of stone, sand and gravel go into the Fehmarn Tunnel alone. And those raw materials are a scarce resource. In fact, it is expected that the gravel pits will run out by the end of this century. At the same time, the production of the … Read more

Education for the future, please

The green transition and the large infrastructure projects call for skills. There is both political will and money for the roll-out of district heating, expansion and conversion of the energy infrastructure and large traffic projects. But money and political will do not do it alone. There must also be someone who can and will do … Read more

Working port and element factory for the future

FLC’s working port in Rødbyhavn, with its 500,000 square meters of pool area, is the largest of its kind in Denmark. That’s a bit of a mouthful – even for a large operator like Blue Water Shipping. Together with the element factory, it constitutes an enormous asset that will be able to make a big … Read more

Where there’s a will, there’s a nay?

Infrastructure costs money, and the municipalities are short in that department. It is therefore completely obvious and understandable that upgrading a runway in the middle of nowhere on Lolland is not a top priority when there is no money to run and maintain schools. In that light, it should come as a gift from providence … Read more