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FemernReport is daily news about advanced high technology, heavy earth and concrete production, supply chain management, logistics, environment, marine engineering, HR, research, education, professional relations, management, politics and everything else that comes into play when you connect two nations with the world’s longest submerged tunnel.

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The Femern Belt construction is the largest construction project in Denmark’s history, Northern Europe’s largest construction site, one of Lolland-Falster’s largest workplaces and the world’s largest submersible tunnel. The Femern Belt Tunnel will become an essential and critical infrastructure and will change the map of Denmark and Denmark forever.

FemernReport was born at the water’s edge of the Fehmarn Belt as a child of Lolland-Falster’s Folketidende. In other words, we know the waters – both in the belt and in the news picture, and it is FemernReport’s mission to be the readers’ pilot for the next (at least) seven years, until a permanent connection is established between Lolland and Fehmarn. And who knows what will happen when Hamburg is suddenly as close as Copenhagen?

FemernReport is independent, critical and fair online journalism for readers who demand quality content about business and the institutional and civil life in connection with the Femern Belt project. This means new journalistic approaches and angles, seen through the prism of a provincial media, to stories about political, social and cultural matters.

FemernReport.com is owned by Folketidende Gruppen (Lolland-Falsters Folketidende A/S).