120,000 cubic meters of shards will be reused as ballast on a 30 kilometer stretch of track across Lolland.

The Ringsted-Fehmarn railway will be built on recycled shards

The 30 kilometers of new double tracks across Lolland on the Ringsted-Fehmarn line will lie on a layer of ballast shards that have been used before. This can be felt both on the price and on the CO2 account.

The tunnel town, FLC village, houses around 1,500, mainly Polish, tunnel workers. According to a university thesis, it is a non-place that reduces people to workers.

The tunnel city is a non-place

The roughly 1,500, mainly Polish, tunnel workers housed in FLC Village live behind fences in a camera-surveillance area. They cannot have outside visitors, they cannot furnish themselves, and they get a new home every time they have been home. The village is a non-place, according to a new thesis from Roskilde University.